The Creative Team



We’re not your typical creative agency. We’re an idea collective. A house of thought and execution. We’re a grab bag of innovators, illustrators, designers and rockstars who are always in pursuit of the big idea! Our building, which was one of the last record stores in America, serves as a playground for our creative minds to frolic and thrive. This is not a design firm. It’s something new and forward-thinking. It’s about going beyond design and messaging. It’s about forging game-changing ideas and harvesting epic results.
It’s about YOU.

UCreative Building
Mural Painter - Erica Arndts



Her journey originally took her to Los Angeles to pursue work in the fashion industry. Erica soon realized though that her passion was working behind the scenes and being creative with her hands. Her true calling came from doing what she loved the most; painting wildlife, tackling social issues and larger than life pop stars.

Erica’s incredible mural art can be seen all over the United States, and reaches as far as Mexico, Italy, France and beyond as her popularity and demand around the world continues to grow. A true traveling artist always ready to travel to the next destination.